September 7, 2011

Homemade Fruit Leathers, Apple Slices & Jerky ~ Easy as Pie!

Dried Pineapple, Sliced Strawberries, cantaloupe & Honey-Dew!

Apples & Fruit Leather

Will you LOOK at the vibrant colors here!  NOTHING was added to this fruit ~ Nada.  No sugar, no preservatives.  What you see is fresh, sliced dehydrated fruit handmade by my 11 year old son and me!  And no, I do NOT sell these - though I would if I could.  :) 
            I can not tell you how happy my new NESCO FD-80 Snackmaster® Square Dehydrator & Jerky Maker !!!  For the kids it was love-at-1st-sight, but for my husband it was the easy-to-make turkey jerky!  
Turkey Jerky w/Cranberries
            The jerky is waaaaay better than the store bought!  It's fresh and not brittle.  We added cranberries to ours and look forward to adding other dried fruits to our next batch.  We've used the "curing" and spice mixes that came with the unit (you mix with ground meat or coat thin slices of raw meat and let marinate 12-24 hours in the refrigerator).  colors DRIED Fruits, roll-ups and homemade turkey jerky we made with our new FOOD DEHYDRATOR!  :) There are so many places to find recipes though, I think we'll keep this baby busy all year. 
Was Strawberry & blueberry Pureed

Homemade Fruit Leather!
        I had a Ronco dehydrator in the 80s that kept my best friend Lisa & I happily snacking on healthy dried cinnamon-apple slices all fall.  Back then, the heating element was on the bottom (where everything dripped onto it), and it was not very powerful.  If that was your last experience with one, you'll LOVE the new one with the motor on the top and super powerful ~ instead of waiting 12-24 hours, our snacks were ready to enjoy in 4-6.  :)  

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