Available Workshops

Contact me to see when the next workshop will be ~ You can attend VIRTUALLY (using skype/Yahoo IM) or receive written instructions and receive prepped materials via SNAIL mail.

Workshop Offerings
Dates will be scheduled based on data from feedback forms.  This will help me determine frequency, whether I need to stagger or repeat them so you don’t have to move-in with me to participate in more than a few.  J  Joining a club doesn’t commit you to all workshops

Once started, Clubs can be modified to meet the interests of those signed up (Majority rules & I’m happy to accommodate by switching projects, eliminating themes/projects that don’t interest, etc) ~ my feelings won’t be hurt.  J 

1. Special Workshops
3D snowflakes, SU Fabric Sewing projects, etc.  Open for suggestions. Cards for Charity (different groups to receive blank cards: Children’s hospital, veterans, those deployed) etc.  Fabric-covered Bulletin boards.

2. Score Pal Projects
3D hanging decorations, Rosettes, Boxes, WOW-card designs wi/unusual or multiple folds.  (There’s a lot out there).
            Buy your Score Pal from me to receive a FREE Score Pal workshop! 

3. Big Shot Club
Gift card holders, 3D Daisies & other flower techniques, making a "desk" with pullout drawers <--- will be great teacher gift).   ETC.
Buy your Big Shot from me & receive:
  • Pay only $5 for ALL B-S workshops (please bring your machine).
  • $10 CREDIT towards your B-S item (die, folder, sizzlet etc)!.  

4. Punch Art Club workshops (2-3 different each time).

 5. Technique Club.  1st is 101 class - learn Embossing and water coloring using aqua painter & blendy pens and markers/crayons & pencils.

6. Antthing BUT a CARD & Gift Club".
We’ll do some really cool things with stamped images and different materials!  Giftable too!  Examples:
  • Using Mod Podge & Shrinky Dink Paper.  Jewelry, key chains & zipper pulls, wine glass or beer mug charms, etc.
  • Decorative Tile Coasters.
  • Decorated Candles ( I have a new technique).
  • Large Group Party Items,  “Martha-fying” an event by creating your own  Invitations/reply cards, Table, Room & Food decorations, and favors. 
  • Treats & Favors for class, work, family gatherings) & for someone special (birthdays). 
  • Could also be gift packaging, tags, and special “wrappings” ~ including gift card holders!

7. Stamp a Stack Club.
Never buy another card again!  Each Month we’ll create a stack of cards week will feature different themes (I’ll always have different greetings in case you need to substitute).  Examples:
  • Valentines
  • Birthday cards (adult-grandparents-Children’s-funny & serious).
  • Anniversary-Wedding -Engagement cards.
  • Baby Births-Congratulations-Condolence.
  • Graduations-Retirement. 
  • Thank you Note cards
  • Note Cards with themes: Animals, Initials, etc.
Will do a poll to see what types you want.

8. Stamp Set Focused Workshops – Cost: Price of set
Each month I will select 2 stamp sets to offer you.  You choose one and prepay before the deadline & come to the workshop FREE to learn different ways to use that set.  Talk about value!  J  All supplies other than adhesive tape will be provided.  You’ll leave w/1 of each design and the “recipes” – paper measurements, colors and tools used etc.  J

9. Designer Paper, Fabric, Ribbon, ETC – SHARING Clubs
Want samples of every designer paper, ribbons, card stock, etc but not the cost of buying all?   If we can get at least 6 people (I’ll be the 6th) to participate, I

10.  My Digital Studio & Wireless Internet Coffee Shop Club
Come hang at my house with your laptops or whatever you want to work on (BYO supplies) and enjoy FREE wireless connection, Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa, & a “Coffee Shop treat” baked by me.  J  Girl Time as it should be ~ relaxing and productive in a creative way.  *ok to work on emails, Facebook, etc.   *Reservations & pre-payment:$8; $5 returned when you arrive or use as credit (future workshops/supplies).  Actual Cost is: $3 to cover expenses. 

11 . My Digital Studio club
No purchase necessary – Bring your laptop w/MDS or use mine.  Learn how-to, and take turns designing printable projects that can be ordered and sent directly to your house.  Use your favorite photos and/or stamp sets to make note cards, greeting cards, scrap books, flyers for all occasions, and MUCH MORE!

13. Scrapbooking Club
Here I am a beginner, but have lots of resources and books.  Reserve your table & we’ll learn from each other.  You can purchase individual supplies from me as needed (if I have them in stock), or use your own.  My ink pads, Big shot (dies, textures embossing folders) & Punches will be available for you.  If you want to work on specific themes, let me know in advanced and I’ll have my related stamp sets available for you to browse.  The club will belong to you; if the group wants to recreate it so we all work on the same theme, or you want me to plan specific pages for you, we can modify.

Prices, Absences, earning Reduced/FREE, and DRAWINGS!

A lot of time & $$ goes into prepping for workshops & unfortunately 2-3 people semi-regularly are no-shows (w/o contacting me, even after they missed).  I’ve gotten rid of long-term commitments & made the following changes in hope of wasting less time (over prepping) and spending unnecessary $$.  I’d rather reschedule when numbers are low and/or send materials you so you can assemble at home.  J  I also feel bad when I have to cancel on you (I know you look forward to meets and may have said no to other invitations)!

Cost:   Unless otherwise stated, $10 pre-paid* - $5 credit towards purchases (I accept paypal online).   You can use $5 towards purchases when arrive.  $5 is not refundable, but can apply it towards future workshop reservation).  

Cancelled & Missed Workshops
When I have to cancel, You’ll have the following choices:
  • EVERYONE scheduled gets FREE SHIPPING (10%-off “before-shipping/tax added”) on orders made that week. Direct ship or to my house.
  • Reschedule within2 week’s time (date good for all).
  • Receive Prepped materials by mail w/instructions & materials “Recipes” & do a SKYPE-based conferences Workshop from our homes J Like w/Lee Anne.
  • Total Refund or use towards shopping online (clearance rack & digital).

When YOU miss, I’ll call the next day & you can choose:
  • Receive Workshop Packet in mail (prepped materials w/instructions & materials “recipe”)
  • Apply $5 towards future workshop.
  • Apply full $10 towards purchase made that day through me or on my website.

HOW to get REDUCED or FREE Workshops --- PLUS: EXTRAS:
Reduce by $5-
  • Automatic $5 credit towards SU purchases that week.
-------- CAN do online clearance & digital downloads too. I’ll refund you $5 or give credit.   
  • Bring a RSVP-ed Guest (last min ok – just let me know), Get $5 more back!  ($5 auto credit for being here, + $5 credit towards purchase or next workshop! – next only $5 to spend on products.
  • Next Workshop COMPLETELY FREE when you book a catalog/web party!
  • DOOR PRIZE!!!! 
    Everyone gets 1 entry for showing up/prepaying.  Plus 1 for every $25 spent,1 for each guest, 5 for bringing a treat/drink to share, 5 for spending $100, 10 for booking catalog/web party or collecting $150 in orders. 10 for joining my team.  *Some days there will be more than 1.

Please fill out and leave with me

Name: ______________________________   Phone/emails:                                                                  Do you text?
Which Clubs Interest you:

Preferences (Please rank 1/least-5/most important):

Afternoons (from     to   ): ______ 

Evenings (from    to      ): ______

Top 3 Days of week (please number): _______________

Days I’m NOT available: _______________

Favorite Sets I don’t own:

Favorite SU colors:

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