June 15, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship with the last 4 weeks of School

There is so much to be happy & excited about starting May, with the momentum building & growing...  So does the amount of "stuff" on my daily To Do List.  I'd be lost with out the Android "To Do List" and calendar with reminders I've become completed reliant on!  This year I had 4-5 things in particular that made the past 6 weeks especially happy for me... (1.) with the warmer weather came my dear new neighbor Mushk.  She's become my walking buddy and (2) vegetable "Garden" confidant.  The two of us have had so much fun walking & discussing our developing plantings & the day-to-day!  I am sooo happy G-d put her in my neighborhood (thank you).

(3) It now gets dark AFTER 8:40pm!  I'm positively effected by the sun and the (4) warmer temperatures. I appreciate each Spring day (my favorite season) & find myself thinking/hearing that old John Denver song in my mind quite a few times.  You know (sing with me), "Sunshine... on my shoulders, makes me happy...," ). 

Handmade Card from Class to Teacher
 (5) Parties & Events galore ~ now this is also part of the love/hate... you see, being the mom of 2 elementary school-aged children (one going to Jr. High in the fall), a "Room Parent" & a girl scout leader, these parties/activities (that I LOVE) mean extra thinking & physical work for me.  I'm NOT complaining, it just gets rough to figure when to squeeze the errands in and this year (::: blushing :::) I had to run home to retrieve the teacher's card with gift cards left on my kitchen counter....  my cfs/ME & fibro brain just struggles in overload.

I offered to make the card from the class because I truly adore this teacher (and she is also a SU greeting card maker with another demo), and gave the kids a special assignment.  More to come on this....  

Card Opened ~ love that SU scallop edge border punch!
 I love the way this card turned out ~ especially because "Tess" really resembles our treasured teacher! 

Another Chalkboard :)
I wish I had thought to take a picture of the inside of this card with all of the children's notes and signatures.

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