June 16, 2011

Classroom Card Service Project

Do you see the especially cute boy at the top right picture, holding his card in front of his mouth, looking especially happy?  That's my kid, Jake.  This is a really super bunch of kids; I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to do a mini workshop with them last week.  As part of "caring" the kids in this grade regularly wrote to hospice residents at local retirement home ~ the residents wrote back too.  Because of an unexpected ankle casting & all of the exams and need for x-rays prior, my materials prep time was depleted.

Do you remember the flowers from the Seniors Easter Basket decorating workshop?  I had so many left over flower die cuts, and the kids and I were distracted by thoughts of SUMMER ~ Again I must thank G-d, he put this idea in my head just as I started to worry about prepping supplies for 25 kids!  G-d and Stampin' Up!'s Big Shot machine to the rescue!  Here's what I came out with for a sample:

My sample card
  As you can see, their cards turned out so much better than mine!

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