March 25, 2011

The Wonderful Seniors from West Hartford Fellowship

Three in one day, I know!  I'm on a roll.  I just realized I forgot to share this wonderful picture of the ladies from the West Hartford Fellowship Housing group I do monthly workshops with.  This is from their Valentine's class.  Look what an amazing job they did!

I'll be with this fun bunch at the end of the month to help them create beautiful Easter Baskets (yes, this nice Jewish girl is going to make Easter Baskets ~ wish me luck!  I think they'll like what I'm planning)   :)

Oh !!!!  I have exciting news ~ I am in talks with an old friend who is the director at McLean Home in Simsbury!  It seems they have been searching for someone to lead a paper crafting group there as well.  You have no idea how happy that I'm being considered!  Another fabulously happy environment for me to spread love and creativity.  Stay tuned!

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