December 16, 2011

FVJC-ES Social Action Commitee Cards

       Something very wonderful happened to my life recently, at a time when when I needed a lift (my recovery from the neck injury is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r).... and arrived in the form of the chair of my synagogue's Social Action committee, Alice Seidenberg. :)  During the last 3 weeks I've designed a bunch of different cards (I'll share by category to keep each post shorter), used MyDigitalStudio to make donation announcement/acknowledgement sheets to include in cards, met 2 wonderful ladies (Alice and SAC member Sue Schloss) and been inspired to create more cards than I have in a long time!  I'm proud to share that the Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation's Social action Committee took in $700 in donations that day!  And the synagogue has asked us to continue this program.  :)

I was asked to get pictures up for FVJC-ES to share on their website... and I've been busy, so I've loaded them up without too much description.  .  My cards will be discounted for anyone making a donation (charity of your choice), through the Social Action Committee.  If you'd like more information about this, about volunteering your time to do social service, or are interested in joining a card-making workshop (no talent required - it's easy and fun ~ and I'd love to teach you), leave me a comment or call the Temple.  I'm so thankful for meeting Alice ~ she has given me a purpose while I continue to work hard at physical therapy & my recovery.
NOTE: All designs can be customized -colors, adding initials/names, changing sentiments and images - contact me to see more options. :)
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Velum, Big Shot, Textured Impressions Embossing Folder.

Designed for FVJC-ES Sunday School - 2010

This blue and the below pink Hanukkah cards were from the workshop I did with all of the religious school classes last year.  For instructions & supply "recipes" do a search of "Hanukkah" and you'll find them.

If you look at the larger pink card, you'll see how changing ink colors can have a big impact (I love that S.A.C. chair, Alice Seidenberg, made it her own).  :)
Designed for FVJC-ES Sunday School - 2011
Alice's Improved Design 2011
 MORE Designs to Follow (need to create 2nd post due to size limits). Scroll down or search to the right for "Hanukkah."  I'll come back to supply "recipes" for any requested in comments and hope to get my Etsy store stocked by Monday.

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