July 20, 2011

Who knew ~ Owls Make me Happy too!

Are these not the CUTEST????  Poor use of the English language, I know... these are so "stinkin' cute" (SU term), there isn't a better way to express my feelings!  Besides being cute-as-heck, and giving me the feeling of accomplishment that I'm craving lately (... been house/couch/bed-bound for several weeks due to a pinched nerve or other unresolved issue with my neck/spine), there are 2 more things I love about these birds:

* No Talent Required -
I mean this sincerely.  Stampin' Up!'s Owl Builder paper punch (page 213, #118074, $16.95) does all the work & cutting!

* Great Use of Paper Scraps!
No one like to waste card stock or designer series paper.  I actually feel a personal attachment to my designer paper, especially after my favorites have been retired.  With this paper punch, and also the Cupcake & Bird Builder punches, you utilize even the smallest pieces in a meaningful way.  Yay!  :)

Owl Builder paper punch (page 213, #118074, $16.95)
* Designer Paper scraps
      I'm partial to Stampin' Up! DSP because it's double sided, and all sheets in the packet match!
* Card Stock scraps
* Paper Cutter (#104152, $24.95, p. 208) - this is optional.
      If you need to cut paper, these are the paper strip measurements I use:

            2.5" for the entire punch
            1 ¼" for vest
            1.5" for owl w/eyes
            2" owl only
            3.5" x 1 ¾" = 2 owls + 2 vests
* Multipurpose Liquid Glue (#110755, $3.95, p.206)- this is optional.
        - Skinny tip makes gluing easy and less messy. :)
* Paper-Piercing Tool (#116631, $3.50, p.207) - this is optional.
         - Makes it so easy to put tiny pieces into place.
* Grid Paper (#102787, $9.95 for 100 sheets, p207) - this is optional.
         - Protects your surfaces & provides ruler.

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  1. I know, I know, these are the "cutest" little owls, just love that punch.
    Sorry to hear about your "couch potato" status, hope it clears up soon.
    Thanks too for the link the the altered mini milk cartons. I just noticed them (duh,where have I been) and hope to make some this week for friends' early Christmas gifts, perfect size.
    Many thanks.